Week 7- 3260

Chapter 4- What Students Value in Teachers of Brookfields “The Skillful Teacher” was very valuable information. He says the three most important indicators to judge our credibility are expertise, experience and rationale.

Expertise– reassuring for students to know that the person in charge of their learning knows a lot

Experience– that the teacher has experience in the field being taught

Rationale– that the teacher clearly has a plan

Students also say that it’s important for teachers to be authentic, that they can “walk the talk”. If teachers words and actions are not congruent then “students quickly conclude that your word is worthless, that any promise you make can’t be taken seriously, and that you aren’t to be trusted” (2105, p.49). This will definitely affect the students learning if their trust in you is broken.

The importance of lifelong learning as a professional

Lifelong learning refers to the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of  knowledge” (Wikipedia, 2016, para.1). I feel that lifelong learning as a professional is a necessity. I have always been curious to learn new things, whether it be a new sport, a new hobby or a new computer program. I have a need to know things, sometimes too much. I continually ask questions to gain more knowledge.

Taking on the full-time position as a dental assisting instructor has challenged me to learn more every day. I’ve learned so much about myself while instructing and have overcome several barriers I thought not possible. Once the mind is open to learning, life takes on a whole new meaning. Challenges are no longer challenging, because we are changing and growing at the same time. We are growing as we go without ever being aware of it.

Taking this PIDP program has opened a new learning window for me on a more academic level. I’m finding all the courses to be so interesting and informative and I’m almost concerned now that this is my last course. What am I going to learn next?

As professionals, I think it’s very important to keep learning new things as we move along in our careers. There will always be new technology to learn as that’s the most abundant change happening at this time. I like to learn new things. What I learn today will be something valuable for tomorrow.

The key to learning is to keep educating yourself.


I am a lifelong learner!!



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