Week 4- 3260

I’ve just finished Chapter 8 Teaching in Diverse Classrooms of Brookfield’s “The Skillful Teacher”. This chapter was also very interesting with lots of insight into students’ needs in a diverse classroom. Brookfield mentions how diverse some classrooms can be and that having one instructor is “limited by the boundaries of her own personality, learning preferences, racial group membership and experience” (2015, p.102). He suggests having 2-3 instructors from different racial backgrounds, talents, personalities and experiences team up to provide more diverse teaching. As instructors, we all have something to bring to the classroom, blending verbal lectures with visual lectures, group work with solo work to meet the needs of the diversity in the classrooms. Brookfield states that “team-teaching with colleagues who share different racial backgrounds, personalities and learning styles is the most helpful” (2015, p.108). This will provide more diversity in instruction, meeting the needs of the students in the diverse classroom.

Where am I professionally?

I have been a dental assistant for over 30 years. I have considered instructing in the dental assisting program for several years however, my location was a huge barrier. When I finally relocated to Victoria, I started as a part-time clinical assistant in a dental assisting program 2 ½ years ago. I am now instructing full-time both theory and clinic. This dental assisting diploma program is 11 months long and I’ve just seen my first class graduate. I enrolled in the PIDP program in January 2016 and will have it completed very soon. It’s been a great program for instructing adults and I’ve learned a lot about instructing and a lot about myself. I really love learning.

Where would I like to be in 5 years?

Five years from now I see myself still instructing as this is an exciting new career for me and I have so much to learn. I enjoy it so much and find most days very rewarding. The program is new to our college and it’s just starting to expand. I’m continually going to Vancouver for calibration with the other campuses and gathering insight from other colleagues. I’ve just recently attended a full day course on a new digital program we’ll be implementing very soon in our classroom. Very soon we’ll be changing over to digital radiographs, so then there will be more training involved with that as well. I’ve just recently updated my CPR and have been asked if I was interested in becoming a First Aid Instructor, so that is something I may consider once my PIDP courses are completed. I have continuing education points to achieve on an annual basis to maintain my certified dental assisting license as well. This can be obtained on the weekends or online. I’m very interested in learning everything new that comes my way. Every once in a while I even consider getting my Master’s Degree, so I’m sure that my learning will always continue.

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