Obtaining Feedback Strategies

While students benefit in their learning from our feedback, we as instructors can also benefit in our learning from their feedback on our instruction. There are a lot of feedback strategies available, such as student feedback, peer observation and viewing a videotape of our instruction.

Student Feedback

Using formative feedback strategies such as The Minute Paper or The Muddiest Point provide quick and easy student feedback.

Peer Observation

Peer observation is having another instructor sit in on your lesson to observe your instruction. The purpose of this is student-focused with the emphasis on any changes that could be made to help students succeed academically.

Here’s a good article on Teachers Observing Teachers.

Viewing videotape of our instruction

A very helpful feedback on our teaching is videotaping our lesson. We will see ourselves as others see us. We can reflect on what we see and make the necessary changes. Videotaping ourselves for learning purposes is popular in learning numerous things. I have videotaped my golf swing several times so that I can learn to make improvements. Videotaping provides endless opportunity for learning in all areas of instruction.

Here’s another good article on Improving Your Teaching: Obtaining Feedback.


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