What do I feel are the most important in my instruction of a lesson? An instructor that presents a clear lesson, provides a classroom that encourages the asking of questions and provides valuable handouts, I feel enables students with a good basis for learning. For students to take responsibility for their learning, it must be clear on what is to be learnt.

This article lists some essential components of clarity as learning intentions and relevance. It also suggests that instructors frequently check in with students on the understanding of the intended learning to ensure their needs are being met.

By using a Mid-point feedback form, instructors can ask questions regarding the clarity of their instruction to find out if students in this classroom are observing this clarity and having their needs met.

Also by using a Classroom Assessment Technique called The Minute Paper at the end of a lesson will provide quick and easy instructor feedback as to the clarity of the students learning of this lesson. By using the minute paper, instructors are able to make the necessary changes to their lessons before continuing on.

Here’s a digital video on The Minute Paper that I created for 3260-Assignment #5. It was a lot of fun to create and the minute paper feedback strategy is a great tool to implement after a lesson.









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