PowerPoint without the Power

This video was posted on the discussion forum. It’s called Dance vs. PowerPoint, a modest proposal-John Bohannon. Do you understand it?

I just don’t understand the meaning behind this video. It appears to be pressing the point of using skilled dancers for instruction of content rather than power point. As much as I dislike using power point, I still think it works better than watching dancers flitting all over the stage. Sorry, I’m not a lover of dance, so I can honestly say I won’t be implementing this method into my dental assisting instruction. However, it would be funny to watch the reaction from students and it definitely would spark a discussion afterwards!

The presenter (instructor) is the individual holding the power during a presentation, not the powerpoint presentation. The powerpoint presentation is simply the delivery method of content. I think we have to keep in mind what method we would like to present our content to our students. What works best for classroom delivery and/or online delivery. Most of all we have to find ways to keep students engaged while delivering this content or it really won’t matter what method you use.

This article suggests 12 Most Engaging Behaviors…to Keep your Audience Awake. They have some good suggestions for instructors to incorporate into their lesson plan.

Most of these suggestions we’re already aware of, but please read and let me know what you think.



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