PowerPoint vs. Prezi

This discussion forum comparing Power Point to Prezi was really interesting.

Here’s a video that compares the two instructional methods, Prezi vs. PowerPoint.

I’ve never used Prezi before, but I’m always looking for more ways to deliver content, rather than death by power point. I found that first video that compared power point to prezi really informative. It still seems that power point is the winner with not having to be concerned about the wifi or internet connections and having way more options for creating your power point content. Delivering content using Prezi would definitely be more engaging for the students and possibly a combination of both would be needed.

I found this great video that shows how to create your power point presentation to look more like Prezi.

It’s kind of a great idea to consider when setting up your slides. I usually only transition my slides in one direction or fade them out, but this video has me considering more options when creating and transitioning my slides. Making power point slides look more like Prezi while keeping all of your content on power point is a great new look for power point.

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