Blog Assignment

The question came up in a discussion forum about how we felt doing a blog for an assignment.

I had to create  my blog for my last PIDP online course 3250 and it was set up the same way. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and frustrated the heck out of me. I had no idea of where to even begin. We were given some website suggestions and a rubric as to the required expectations. I did a lot of research and listened to multiple tutorials before I actually started. I had a vision of how I wanted my blog to look, but it started out looking very different so I started over. It took me hours and hours to create because I had to google everything as I went. It all seemed like a foreign language to me. When I finally finished, I was so proud of myself for my accomplishment, then I had to start using it. The benefits to creating and using a blog are phenomenal. I learned so much and if I ever decide to create another blog it will be so easy. Sometimes we just need that little shove to push us out of our comfort zone and to challenge ourselves to learn new things. I have become a self-regulated learner.

I found this article on the Educational Benefits of Blogging. It explains the benefits of blogging by promoting critical and analytical thinking and promotes social interaction. All of these skills are important for us and our learners.

Have you become a self-regulated learner?


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