Preparing Educators for the Digital Age

As educators we must learn about new technology and how to use it. This PIDP 3240 course has been very resourceful. I now know how to prepare a podcast, while using a link to send to students. Several Web 2.0 tools were listed with great explanations as well. Most of my PIDP have been online, except for PIDP 3100. While taking that course, the educators in the class preferred that instructional method. They mentioned that they were worried about taking the PIDP 3240 because it had to be taken online. I was really surprised. I took the 3100 classroom version just to see the difference. I definitely prefer the online version. It seems like these educators were concerned about using technology.

Technology is the way of the future and I feel that these educators need to be prepared and feeling confident in their skills if they’re planning on continuing in the education system. I’m so glad that this course is available and that as educators we’ll learn so much about different kinds of technology to help us be better prepared for the future. Technology is ever changing and we need to adapt to these ever changing ways by being life-long learners.

I’m ready….are you?

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