Information Literacy

This question was raised in the discussion forum “Should we me teaching information literacy?” Yes, I think that we should be teaching Information Literacy. We can’t assume that students will arrive into our classes with these skills. Students need to have these skills and it’s up to us to teach them if they haven’t been taught prior to attending post-secondary education. Acquiring these skills will help them learn how to access information, ask questions, evaluate and formulate critical thinking skills.

This article states. “it is not just the finding of information, but the ability to use it that is important. Universities should provide opportunities for ensuring that all students acquire the necessary competence in knowing how to navigate the web and find quality resources, to formulate questions, to access potential sources of information, to critically evaluate information for accuracy and quality, to organize information, and finally, to use information to do something, the last and most valuable step in the process”.

I totally agree with this statement.

How can we be sure our students are gathering these critical skills?


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