Gaming for Teaching

Here’s a question that came up in the discussion forum. “So turning courses into games or simulators is effective.  However, what about using existing video games?”

Portal 2 Puzzlemaker-Making Space for Physics was a valuable resource for physics, students created their own puzzles based upon real life physics and received instant feedback.

This was another question that came up in the discussion forum. “So perhaps instead of trying to turn gaming into learning, we should figure out how gaming is learning?”
“Gaming is learning” is a great concept to consider. If students are engaged in their gaming and gaming is learning, it’s making learning way more fun for them. They will spend much more time at an activity that they enjoy. When gaming people may lose track of time and spend hours learning. I think it’s great that Portal 2 Puzzlemaker has captivated learners by allowing them to create puzzles based on physics while playing a fun game. This is great for student engagement and learning.


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