Week 5- 3240

Week 5 is just beginning and I have a few exciting things to post already. I have completed my Pecha Kucha PowerPoint presentation on “How to Deliver Oral Hygiene Instructions” for Assignment #3 part 1. I used screencast-o-matic and highly recommend it. I ended up re-doing the audio on my laptop after I changed the microphone settings during my audio podcast and the audio was much better.

Here’s the link to my Pecha Kucha Power Point. http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cDiwqwiGzv

I’ve also completed my audio podcast on “The Advantages of Smart Boards in the Classroom” for Assignment #3, part 2. I used podomatic and it was so easy to do. In the future I think I’ll be using this program to make podcasts.

Here’s the link to my audio Podcast. http://jangraham97.podomatic.com/entry/2016-07-28T21_32_18-07_00

I’ve posted both of these links to the SIE facebook page with a short introduction and also to the Showcase areas on the class moodle page for PIDP 3240-Media Enhanced Learning.

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