Non-Projected Media

This discussion forum was interesting as to what non-projected media other instructors used. Do other instructors use flip charts, whiteboards or handouts? I mainly use power point for presentation, but I use it as a guideline for discussion. I often find myself stopping and generating a discussion or clarification and using a whiteboard to illustrate something that students couldn’t grasp on the power point. I am not very good at illustrations, so it always provides laughter to the class (I am really good at drawing stick men, however I teach dental assisting, so my illustrations are usually tooth related). I provide my students with lecture notes to follow along with or add to during power point. I feel that students have trouble with writing their own notes and listening/watching power point at the same time. Almost all notes are provided, they just add something that they require clarification on. After the theory of the content is delivered, we move to the lab/clinic setting where I provide demonstrations relevant to the content delivered. It’s in this setting that students seem happy and most engaged. It’s also this portion of teaching that I enjoy the most.

I took my PIDP 3100 course in a classroom setting and we used flip charts most of the first weekend. We worked in small groups and gathered information amongst ourselves and then presented and discussed our findings with the entire class. It seemed to work really well and I don’t feel that there would have been another way to help students get to know each other and work together to present their ideas as a group. It promoted critical thinking and encouraged student participation. I found the time passed quickly and we were kept engaged. This could be great idea to use for brainstorming group ideas.

Here’s a good article promoting the use of flip charts. It says that flip charts are “the most effective teaching tool available to teachers…for many reasons…primarily because it helps you teach to all learning styles and gives you options that slide show presentations simply can’t provide”. I totally agree with this article. Using flip charts to draw or explain something will help most learners to understand.

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