Week 4- 3240

Week 4 is closing in on my PIDP 3240 course way too quickly. It’s been another busy week again. I enjoyed reading the last three chapters of “Teaching Naked” and have chosen to write my final journal entry on this quote “The best education of the future will be a hybrid” (Bowen, 2012, p. 237). Using a hybrid concept for education will require a balance of face-to-face interaction and online resources.

I chose this quote because I was first introduced to this hybrid concept in my last PIDP course and agree that this is the way of the future. When I first read about a flipped classroom, I wasn’t really ready to jump right into that concept. The flipped classroom was a very scary concept for me to explore. I was concerned about how this concept would be received by other instructors during our discussion forum. As it turned out, most instructors felt the same way about it as I did, nobody was ready to totally flip their classrooms at this time.

I was very relieved to find out that there was also a hybrid version of this flipped classroom and think that this would offer a great balance between class time and online studies. According to Bowen, “There is value in physical contact with teachers, but there is also potential learning and real convenience in online coursework” (2012, p. 237). Providing our students with a course that blends these two concepts should benefit our learners.

I would like to implement the hybrid course delivery in the dental assisting program that I currently instruct in. The students could receive their theory content online and have lab/clinic time at the college for practical instruction of the theory. Implementing hybrid courses gives students a great mix of content delivery and introduces them to be more self-regulated learners as they can access the content at any time. Students might be able to be working more hours at their jobs as well because designated class time would be less. By taking hybrid courses, students will still have face-to-face time with their instructors allowing for clarification on content and classroom discussions.

There are so any benefits to implementing hybrid courses. With students spending more time on their electronic devices, perhaps it’s time to deliver our content in this way. I think that this is a great way for me to start changing to a hybrid course instead of using precious class time for first exposure of content using power point. I have been searching for different ways of first exposure of content for quite a while now and just keep falling back to power point.

My goal in the future is to deliver content online for students to view when convenient while freeing up class time for face-to-face interaction and practical application of content. I believe that hybrid courses are the way of the future for our millennial students.

This final reflective journal entry is due at the end of this week.

I spent the end of last week participating in the discussion forums (Assignment #2) and blogging about my learning (Assignment #4). I really enjoyed being involved in the conversations and now again it’s almost time again this week to do the same.

I’ve been working on Assignment #3, my Pecha Kucha power point presentation. My audio is now completed and I’ve uploaded my power point to screencast-o-matic. This is a great program to download. It’s free for up to 15 mins of recording and it’s very easy to use. Simply capture whatever you need to on your computer screen, add in your audio and upload it to screencast-o-matic so that you now have a link to your presentation. By having this link, it’s a great way to send the Pecha Kucha power point presentation by the link only. My audio was a bit of a problem, as my voice seems to cut in and out for the first 10 secs, then it seems to be fine. I think that I figured this out to be a problem with my microphone settings. I may decide to redo the audio, if I find that now the settings are changed, maybe it will sound better for my Assignment #3 podcast.

I’ve researched several articles on technology in education and have decided to summarize the article on “The advantages of smart boards in the classroom”. I read several articles, but most weren’t recent enough to use for this assignment. This article offered many benefits to using smart boards and this was something that I knew nothing about until I participated in an discussion form about smart boards. I’ve completed my script for the audio and plan on using podomatic. This also seems like a very easy program to use and it’s also free. You simply record your audio on your computer and upload the file to podomatic, where you receive a link to your podcast. Again, this allows you to send the link only when submitting your podcast or for using later on to send to students rather than sending the entire file from your computer. This is great, more technology to learn and to put to use right away.

So, I’ve spent most of the week writing my final reflective journal, and writing my scripts for the pecha kucha power point and the podcast and creating links for these projects. It seems to be all coming together nicely this week. I’m hoping to have all of my assignments completed in the next few days, so that I can spend my remaining weeks participating in the discussion forums.

I will post the links to my pecha kucha power point and my podcast when they’re completed.


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