Smart Boards

I had no idea what Smart Boards even were until I watched this video. It appears they’re already outdated and I never even got a chance to try one. I found this video on SMARTclassrooms. I found it really interesting when they said that they were “more engaged and learning more than we ever did before”. This would be a great use of classroom technology. Having students moving and being interactive sure seems to help their level of engagement.

It had been suggested in the discussion forum that smart boards are being replaced with the smart tv. Also recommended was using an ipad with apple tv. This is a great article that explains its use. This article totally compares the smart board and the ipad/apple tv options. Technology is changing so fast, there will always be something better on the way. To think that it all began with the chalkboard, then the whiteboard, progressed to the smartboard and now stepped it up again to the ipad/apple tv combo. This is awesome.

I do think that the interactive whiteboard is a great interactive tool, but it’s expensive and has been surpassed already with new technology. I did find it interesting that the article really pressed the issue that technology is creeping into our classrooms and that interactive whiteboards need to be replaced with the ipad/apple tv combo (which is also cheaper). As we read in Bowen’s book “Teaching Naked”, he was pressing the issue of taking all technology out of the classroom.

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