Week 3- 3240

Week 3 of my PIDP 3240 course is coming to an end. I began the week with a ooVoo meeting with a few of my classmates and my instructor. I had never heard of ooVoo until this course and it was really interesting how it all works. It’s very similar to Skype, but it will allow you to video call up to 12 participants at one time. Our instructor took us on a tour of the program and I found out that it’s a very easy program to use. I really liked how you are able to show and explain something from your computer to other participants….and it’s free. This would be a wonderful program to use if I was wanting to have a discussion with multiple students at one time while explaining something. It also has the ability to record the video chat so that any missing students can view it later on. I highly recommend ooVoo.

My second Reflective Journal is due at the end of this week, so I needed to read chapters 4-8 of “Teaching Naked” by Jose Antonio Bowen. I chose to write my journal on this quote “Podcasts give students flexibility in how they absorb material and take notes, which leads to deeper engagement” (Bowen, 2012, p. 115). Using podcasts for first exposure to content is becoming more popular as content delivery moves out of the classroom. The time has come for delivering content in a way that engages our students. Students are finding the use of technology, such as podcasts, are more effective than textbooks and more efficient than their notes for learning (Bowen, 2012). I really had no idea what podcasts even were until I did the assigned readings. I have never really thought of the many ways that podcasts can be useful for students. It had never occurred to me that students that commute either by car or by transit could easily receive a lot of information while commuting.

I have to admit that I have never even thought of using a podcast for the delivery of content, but after reading the assigned chapters, I’m considering it. I find it interesting that students would prefer podcasts listened to on their mobile devices rather than face-to-face interaction. Today’s millennials seem to want the facts delivered to their mobile device so that they can view the podcasts at any time and take notes. Students struggling in a course are able to repeat the podcast several times to make notes, while advanced students can stay engaged by skipping ahead to concepts that are not already clear to them.

Podcasts offer a benefit to all students to keep them engaged at their own level. So it seems that podcasts can be used in various forms for educational purposes. Originally I was considering using podcasts for first exposure to content at home to free up class time. Making podcasts of your existing lectures makes them easily accessible by students and creates invaluable study aids. This would definitely be a benefit for students to have when preparing for an upcoming exam. If students were to miss a class due to an illness they could download the recordings of the lecture and not fall behind.

There are so many benefits to introducing students to podcasts. I think that this is a great way for me to start when changing to a hybrid course. I knew nothing about podcasts until reading these chapters and it seems like a great use of technology. In the future I will be introducing my students to podcasts and I’m sure that they will be received positively. For assignment #3, I have chosen to do a podcast and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

I’ve also made some progress on Assignment #3, my Pecha Kucha power point. I had made up my mind on the content of my project, but after our ooVoo meeting on Monday I have changed my mind. Apparently this assignment is more about using the technology  tools involved to create the Pecha Kucha power point rather than the content. I’ve decided to do my power point on how to give Oral Hygiene Instructions. This is a subject that I’m very familiar with and shouldn’t require much research of content. At this time, my dental assisting students are providing their patients with oral hygiene instructions (which I have already taught them), so I was able to take photos to use for my power point. All of the photos have been uploaded and organized into my power point and next I will put together my audio script. This will be a very useful presentation to use for future students as we have a set guideline/evaluation to follow when our students are delivering oral hygiene instructions to patients. I will be able to play this Pecha Kucha power point for future students to help them understand how to deliver their oral hygiene instructions on their patient treatment days.

The rest of this week will be set aside to get caught up on Assignment #2. I’ve made a few discussion forum posts so far, but now it’s time to spend a few days reading and posting my thoughts and doing some research on various topics. I’m hoping to come across a recent article of interest for my podcast as well.

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