Week 2- 3240

Week 2 of my PIDP 3240 course has just flown by. It’s been a busy week for me at work and I’ve spent time on this online course every evening. Weeks 2-7 of this course are designated for contributing to the multiple discussion forums (assignment 2) while working through assignments 3 & 4 and reflective writing journals 2 & 3 (which involves reading chapters 4-11 of Teaching Naked). Where do I begin?

I spent some time this week deciding on what I would like to do for assignment 3 and I have decided to do an online Pecha Kucha power point and a podcast. Two things of which I know nothing about. So, it was time to do some research.

Here’s a short video on A Pecha Kucha about Pecha Kucha. So, I found out that Pecha Kucha 20×20 meant I used a power point presentation to format 20 slides for 20 seconds, using no text on the slides and I would have to record an audio to go along with the slides. This format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced and may involve a subject that you are very passionate about. Pretty cool really, it’s like showing images and telling a story at the same time. In a previous PIDP course I had already done an assignment using Jing, which is a computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web for free for up to 5 minutes. The Pecha Kucha power point will be over 6 minutes, so I had to search out another way. I found Screencast-O-Matic and opened an account. I have started thinking about the content of this power point format, considering my audio and bookmarked some images.

As for the podcast, I had to research what a podcast was as well. Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. I haven’t decided on the article that I would like to summarize yet but I have opened an account with Podomatic.

For assignment 4 I will be submitting this blog. I created this blog for my last PIDP 3250 course so I only needed to make a few changes to it before submitting it in for this PIDP 3240 course. Originally this blog took me days to create and I’m so glad that I can expand on it some more on my learning journey through this PIDP 3240 course.


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