Web 2.0 Tools

It was required that I post 2-3 Web 2.0 Tools online. I had no idea what this was so I researched this as well. Web 2.0 Tools are interactive web tools to enhance education and learning. I posted Slideshare, Jing and WordPress.

SlideShare is a presentation tool to upload your power point, keynote slides, infographics, documents and share them with your students or colleagues. It let’s you share your presentations anytime, anywhere and with anyone you want. It’s simple and accessible and an alternative to using LMS (Learning Management System).

Jing is a great tool for capturing a picture or making a short video of what you see on your computer monitor. It’s great for creating video tutorials and up to 5 mins is free. I used Jing in my PIDP 3230 course for creating a video on a classroom assessment technique (CAT) and I highly suggest trying it out.

WordPress is a blogging platform and content management system. It has a variety of templates and hundreds of features to choose from when creating a blog. I created this blog in my PIDP 3250 course and I totally recommend using WordPress. It has lots of tutorials available to answer any questions on how to create the blog of your choice.

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