Hybrid Courses

I contributed to the discussion forum on Hybrid Course Delivery. Here’s a short video explaining what Hybrid courses are. Hybrid courses are a blend of online and classroom delivery experience. It usually means less face-to-face class time, but it gives students an idea of what online courses would also be like. It’s a great way to blend courses for content to be delivered online while class time can be used for applying the content. I would like to implement the hybrid course delivery in the dental assisting program that I currently instruct in. The students could receive their theory content online and have lab/clinic time at the college for practical instruction of the theory. These Hybrid courses give students a great mix of content delivery and introduces them to be more self-regulated learners as they can access the content at any time. Students might be able to be working more hours at their jobs as well because designated class time would be less. By taking Hybrid courses, students will still have face-to-face time with their instructors allowing for clarification on content and classroom discussions.

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