Gaming for Teaching

I was interested in participating in the discussion forum on Gaming for Teaching. This is an interesting Ted Talk about brain training and how video games can have a positive effect on the human brain. I enjoyed the Ted Talk and found it interesting that a cognitive researcher would be supportive of gaming. I’m not sure if I agree with the statement, “games are now part of human evolution”, but I do agree that video games can help us learn and focus. If these video games can be designed to be challenging and engaging for learning while still being fun and exciting, students will want to use them. This is a good article on the Gamification of Education explaining what gamification is and it’s application in education.

In Bowen’s book, “Teaching Naked”, he referred to games holding our attention because they offer a chance for learners to gain competence. If games were designed for learners to achieve different levels of learning as they proceed and applying each level as they succeed, learning could be fun. Students having the intrinsic motivation to succeed in the different levels and able to repeat levels as they go, if needed. Students would be able to attempt levels without the anxiety of failure if they knew they had multiple chances to achieve levels.

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