Learning from Mistakes

This discussion continued on this week with a new discussion topic “Can adults learn from their mistakes-The courage to put ourselves out there.” This image was posted and I liked how it represented the learning that we as educators strive for in our students.

standards based grading-Learning from mistakes

Image retrieved from: http://www.curriculumresources.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/what-is-sbg-scribble.jpg

Without allowing for our adult students to make mistakes and time for learning from these mistakes to correct them, we’re not helping students to achieve the confidence in their new skills. In the lab/clinic portion of the program that I instruct in (dental assisting), I spend most of my time assessing for learning.  I provide positive feedback and areas needing further attention. Students respond well to this in a safe, positive environment. I demonstrate the skill, give students the same assessment that I will be using for them to read and follow through for the following few days. I provide immediate verbal feedback to eliminate any bad habits forming. I then do a pre-assessment a few days prior to the assessment so that students still have time to work on anything that’s necessary before assessment day.  By the time assessment day arrives, students are usually confident in their skills and assessments go well. Although this is time consuming, it’s assessment for learning  not assessment of learning.

I think our mistakes do inspire others and that we should share these mistakes to ensure that others can learn from them. This is a good video on promoting people to own up to their mistakes before making bigger mistakes. Stating that “everyone makes mistakes” and “mistakes means learning.” I especially like the part in this video where it’s stated that people blogging about their mistakes doesn’t make them feel like a failure for their mistakes, it helps others that read the blog to learn from these mistakes.

This quote made in the video “We are all just practicing and the more we practice the better we will become” is great. The more anyone practices, the better that they become. I always admit my mistakes to my students for them to realize that I am a human as well. I like to think of myself as a mentor for my students, but I am willing to admit that I can make mistakes and that’s okay. Making mistakes and the ability to be accountable for your mistakes is something I encourage in my students. I tell them I am not able to fully help them if I’m not always aware of their mistakes. We are able to learn from those mistakes.


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