Critical Thinking

The forum on Critical Thinking continued on this week as well with a few more articles. This article was posted and I kept it because I could also use some of these examples to achieve a more reflective response from my students. In this article, the author states that instructors should challenge the student viewpoint to get a deeper, more reflective response from their students. I think that I do some of these things to encourage my students to look deeper but some ideas had never occurred to me. We probably all ask questions, provide feedback and encourage positive participation. I particularly like the example of “teaching the value of comparing and contrasting; everything is not right or wrong.” I am going to keep this example in mind during my next discussion.

Here’s another video on thinking about your learning. It explains how we need to think about our learning. How we can learn about how we think and start to think differently. It offers ways we need to train our brains to remember things by focusing on the details, taking short naps and exercise. All of these things contribute to critical thinking.





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