Flipped Classroom

This forum continued on this week involving the pros and cons to the flipped classroom and the application and planning for the flipped classroom. There will always be pros and cons to everything. I think that we will see the flipped classroom as the way of the future. Students being more self-regulated and taking on a more responsible role for their learning. Not sure if I totally agree with this, but a hybrid version of the flipped classroom sure sounds good. I agree with having students watch videos on theory and concepts and then coming to class for discussion and hands-on learning. Most of the videos and articles I have researched seem to stress that not all students learn the same way (which we already know) and that using the flipped classroom allows the students that diversity to learn at their own leisure and to replay videos and take their time if needed. My main concern is whether or not students will actually make the effort to view to theory videos or just show up to class for the discussion and sit and daydream and not participate because they are lost. Some students will benefit from the flipped classroom, while others will not. For the instructor, it does seem more efficient, but it’s very time consuming.

This video was posted on the forum. It involves the Setting up of a Flipped Classroom. I think I will keep this close at hand if I ever decide to start making videos for the flipped classroom. This video is a good “how to” video. I’m sure that if I actually did it a few times, it would get easier. The first few videos could be very time consuming. I also did not know about the youtube educational videos. This will definitely make it faster to locate informational videos.


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