Positive Learning Environment

This forum on Positive Learning Environment will be ending in a few days. It’s been a great forum with many suggestions. Here’s an idea that was posted saying that creating a positive learning environment was on ongoing task. The idea was to fill a box with all strategies that have worked in the past, and pull out ones depending on situations when needed. Over years of teaching, educators would have used, created and discarded strategies and it would be a good idea to save and reuse them. Sometimes analyzing an old strategy would trigger a spark and become a starting point for a new one.

positive environment box

I thought that this was a wonderful idea. Some of those old strategies for teaching or for learning could be embellished on to create a new strategy.

It was also suggested that storytelling was another idea for creating a positive learning environment. This article on Why You Need to Use Storytelling for Learning explains 10 reasons for realizing that it’s a great technique for keeping students engaged. Students can relate to stories and seem to capture the interest of the listener in a way that can’t be compared to lectures. Students will also remember these stories as a positive learning experience for many years.

Here’s a past student’s digital project on Story Telling. It explains the student engagement technique, it’s advantages and disadvantages. Using Story Telling as a student engagement technique will definitely take time and some practice to get efficient at. It’s probably not the best technique to use if it’s a real struggle to do as an instructor as the story needs to flow smoothly. Possibly with more practice, this technique has its value. Students seem to remember these stories whether it’s related to the course you’re instructing or relative to life experiences later on.






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