Group Work

This forum on Group Work will also be ending in a few days as well. It’s been very interesting to read all of the participants thoughts on group work. Here’s a video (discussion) on Using Group work in Online Courses-Technology and Education Today.It poses many questions as to whether online group work is worth the effort or not? Asking such questions as whether to self and/or peer assess and whether or not each individual only learns the portion that they contributed to the group work, or do groups really collaborate their knowledge at any point? It was suggested in the video that possibly having individuals work solo on their project and then have their group members critique and grade each other projects would be a better online learning experience than group work.

The video that I posted last week on Group Work was very well received. Apparently it hit home with other instructors as well. This video hit home for me on my experience with group work. I couldn’t stop giggling while I watched it and hoped others would enjoy it as well. I generally do not assign group work even though I know it does have its benefits. My students have to do a presentation all together (at a daycare for 3-5 year old children on dental care and nutrition) and usually there’s no class time set aside for this. I ask weekly how their presentation is coming along as it’s getting closer to the presentation day and then I realized that it’s NOT coming along at all. After participating in this forum discussion on group work, I decided to allocate weekly class time for this group work so that I can monitor their progress. I discussed this with the students today if they felt this would benefit their progression and they were all for it. It starts this friday… 🙂


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