Flipped Classroom

This week the forum opened on the Flipped Classroom. I was really looking forward to this discussion because I was interested in hearing more about it and other instructors opinions. This is a video on the definition of the Flipped Classroom in 60 secs. It’s short, to the point and very informative.

This next video on Flipping the Classroom: Explained also provides a great description on the value on the flipped classroom and how it makes learning more personal.

This F-L-I-P chart was also provided in the forum.

Flip Definition 2

This chart is great. I like the idea of the flipped classroom and hope to be able to use in the future. Today’s technology has allowed our learners to become more self-regulated and the flipped classroom is an example of this. Instead of having instructors lecture and students taking notes, why not have the students doing their reading assignments and listening to the lectures on their own time. This would give them time to reflect on their knowledge before sharing with the class during the following days discussion.

It was suggested that the flipped classroom takes the pressure off of the instructor to maintain the students interest and enthusiasm for the duration of the class.  It also doesn’t give the students the luxury of daydreaming away during because it would be more interactive. An instructor could easily email her students with a reading assignment referencing page numbers from the textbook. The struggle might be compliance from the students.  Many students are working or have other classes and commitments and the pressure to “be prepared” before the class may be overwhelming. It was suggested that possibly using a hybrid model of this approach would work as well or even better. Students could be given the reading assignment or homework assignment by email prior to the class and be given the option to complete the readings/homework before class.  Then those students who were able to finish their homework or readings prior to attending class could serve in a more mentor/leadership role during the class.

My suggestion to this mentoring approach was that it could possibly work having students mentor each other, but there may be some drawbacks to consider first. I would be more concerned with the students not able to complete their reading assignments prior to coming to class. I think students would have to be well informed about the format of the course, so that their other commitments won’t always get in the way. I agree that maybe starting out with a hybrid format would be beneficial to see how it goes. Possibly every class will respond differently to being prepared. How do you think the prepared students will respond to mentoring the unprepared students?

I think that some students would really rise to the challenge of mentoring and other students would resent it. The other challenge of a flipped classroom is the student who thinks she knows everything but actually knows nothing could present a problem. With the flipped classroom, students would be in class for discussions. It’s at these discussion times that instructors have to clarify the misinformed information to the students. It definitely could get out of hand. How could we guarantee that all students have gathered the correct information. We can’t possibly cover everything in our discussions?

Many good points came up during the forum discussions. It’s always great to hear other instructors thoughts and opinions. This gives us time to reflect on those thoughts, form our own thoughts and share them back to the forum.



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