Week 6-3250

Well, it’s nearing the end of week 6. Where is the time going? With instructing full time (5 lecture hours a day), time just flies by. This week I started facilitating the forum on “Flow Theory”. I started preparing for this weeks ago when it was first given to me. Although it seemed like weeks away before my facilitation date was, it sort of snuck up on me. I spent a few evenings researching what the heck “flow theory” was. How was I possibly going to facilitate a forum on something that I had no idea what it was? I enjoyed the research once I got started. I watched a few videos, read a few articles and bookmarked everything as I went.

So, my facilitation date was June 6th. I’m gone from home all day, either commuting to the college, instructing, marking or prepping, so my forum wasn’t started until the evening. It’s been great so far, very busy. Lots of participation with most people not knowing what “flow theory” was either. I’m hoping it continues at this steady rate for the next few weeks.

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