Self-Directed/Determined/Regulated Learner

I’ve enjoyed this forum and have learned so much. Unfortunately this forum will be ending tomorrow. It appears that our role as instructors is changing. This PIDP 3250 course is a good example of how students will become more self-regulated. At this time, as a learner, it feels really weird, but it looks like that’s where things are headed. Not really sure what that means for us as instructors in the future? As technology takes over, all the information for learning can be found if the student is self-directed and self-regulated.

Education  is changing and our role as instructors is changing with it. The use of technology is an incredible learning tool and most students are connected to their screens. So why not make learning happen on those screens. Having learners more self-regulated and searching for the information on their screens, then arriving in class ready to share and reflect on their new knowledge is great. This sounds like the flipped classroom, which I think takes a very self-regulated learner to achieve this. Do you think some learners  may struggle with this? It seems that most instructors believe that not all students can achieve this type of learning and will struggle with it. It’s possible that some students aren’t ready for self-regulation, although it will be required of them in their respective careers as technology is rapidly changing. Education is slowly changing and this will be the way of the future.

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