Self-directed/self-determined/self-regulated learning

This weeks forum on self-directed/self-determined/self-regulated learning made me realize the need for me to start considering having my students become more self-regulated. I teach in a certificate program for dental assisting. My students are self-determined and only sometimes self-directed during the 11 months. At this time the curriculum isn’t set up for a self-regulated learner. In the future, if the curriculum changes, my role as an instructor will be very different. I don’t see this changing anytime soon in my program, but it’s time to start considering how to make these changes.

This SMART chart will be great to keep handy in the future. I really need to start introducing more self-regulated techniques to my students soon. I’m always interested in learning new ways to help students learn and setting goals is a great start for motivating them internally. Students that aren’t motivated to learn don’t really last very long in my course, as it’s one of the hardest programs in the college. If they’re unsuccessful, they usually find an easier program that fits their personality better. The idea to help students set goals is a great idea though.


This table helps me to remember the difference between self-directed learning and self-determined learning.

I’m getting a good grasp of self-regulated learning in this PIDP 3250 course. It felt very uncomfortable in the beginning, but it’s getting better every week. My only concern with having my students become self-regulated, I may be out of a job in the future. It’s interesting how education has been changing over the years and our roles as instructors are changing as well. It will be interesting to see what changes will be happening in the future as technology further advances and what my role will be.

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