Questioning Techniques

This video gives us a good idea how asking questions differently can lead to some different results. It also stresses the point of politely waiting (silence) for the response to these questions. I instruct students on how and what to ask when taking a medical/dental history & how to update a medical/dental history as well. In the future I will keep this video in mind to help me explain how to ask the 6 different types of questions.

It was also suggested using an iceberg method which involves students filling out in the tip of the iceberg what they know about a particular topic and then in the larger part below the waters surface write questions of what they still need or want to know about. This could also be used after a lecture to see where any gaps lie as well. I’ve never heard of this technique but it’s sure a good technique to provoke questions and gather assessment of student’s knowledge.

It was also mentioned that after asking a question, allow for a period of prolonged silence. This allows students time to reflect on the question. Also leaving a question hanging for an uncomfortable length of time until students realize that the question is not going to be answered for them. Students will then tend to participate in answering the questions more actively.

It seems that everyone agrees on the forum that asking students questions is needed. Starting lessons with questions is great to begin discussions. I ask questions throughout all of my lessons and wait for responses. I encourage students to ask questions throughout as well. This makes students feel comfortable in their learning environments and even the quietest students begin to ask questions.

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