Classroom Management is a product of good teaching

This week’s forum continued on with Classroom Management-is a product of good teaching. Previous forums, we had discussed disruptive behaviour and the use of cellphones in the classroom. This forum comes to an end this week and it’s been very interesting to read other instructors opinions on these topics.

I think all classroom management issues are directly related to the lack of student engagement and instructors setting and enforcing the policies from the first day. Most of these issues disappear if students are kept engaged. I notice any classroom management issues seem to disappear while students are busy in the lab/clinic setting. As for the use of cellphones, I don’t permit them in the classroom. My students are given tablets to bring to class to help with any internet searching, so this reduces the constant texting. Students could still be searching the internet on an unrelated topic instead of listening, but for some reason that doesn’t seem so disrespectful.

Some of the other instructors allowed the use of cellphones in their classroom to help students with checking something on the internet and they feel the use of cellphones aren’t disruptive in their classes. As for the disruptive behaviours, it was also suggested that randomly changing the seating arrangements seemed to work to split up disruptive students. I had never thought of that and students seem to always sit in the same spot everyday. This might be something I could try if I find that I’m dealing with disruptive behaviour in the classroom in the future. I instruct small classes, usually under 9 students, so classroom management is easier. Once the policies are all clear at the beginning of the courses, students are usually really good about abiding by them. If I find cellphones starting to slowly appear, then I suggest to the whole class that it’s time to put them away. I would rather do a reminder every few weeks when needed than let it get out of hand and have it irritate me as I instruct. I feel that if something can be done about it, then get it done and continue on. Classroom management is a product of good teaching.

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