Learning Styles

The forum on learning styles continued on this week and unfortunately it’s coming to an end this weekend. There were lots of controversy on whether learning styles actually exist or not. I believe they do exist, however students are able to learn in all different ways. I think students just have a preference or learn more efficiently in one learning style or another.

Here’s a graphic to show the difference between a Fixed Mindset (Intelligence is static) and a Growth Mindset (Intelligence can be developed).


I also agree having an open mind will develop new and broader understanding. Only thinking in one direction (or learning style) has a limited result. Learners may have a preference how they learn best, but if we include all styles into our instruction, all learners will learn. All learners will benefit from this.

It was discussed in the forums that possibly having an 8 minute lecture would help to keep students engaged? This article seems more like the flipped classroom by having the students doing their reading and research ahead of time and then the lecture can be much shorter. I wonder how well this would work if students didn’t do their reading assignment ahead of time though? Just a thought? Assuming that all students would be ready for an 8 minute lecture, this would work well. I think it would have to be stressed beforehand the importance of the assigned readings. I’m not ready to try this technique out quite yet.

This article was very interesting on students attention span. Apparently we now have an attention span shorter than a goldfish. That doesn’t sound very good for us as instructors trying to keep students engaged. By teaching with diversity this will keep the students engaged longer and actively learning. Let’s hope so because an attention span shorter than a goldfish makes for quite a challenge.

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