Virtual Learning

I agree, the delivery of education is changing. Learners are now more interested in communicating via some sort of device, so why not deliver the education in that format? Unfortunately, I feel that this new generation of learners are lacking in communication skills that may be needed in the workplace. They are so focused on their electronic devices instead of face to face communication, it’s a real concern. I instruct dental assistants and it’s getting harder and harder to teach them professional communication, when they’re already lacking in basic communication skills. With learners so focused on electronic devices, it’s a great way to deliver most course content though. Without these courses being delivered online, I wouldn’t be able to take them either.

I enjoyed the Edupunk video. I agree that learners need to take responsibility for their learning and that learners and instructors should be treated equally. When I was offered my instructing theory position (6 months ago) for dental assisting I wanted to find a better way of delivering the content besides powerpoint. Other instructors seemed happy with powerpoint, but I’ve always thought that they were too boring. I instruct Anatomy and I found the other virtual classroom video was great and engaging. I love it. Students are always much happier when engaged in their learning and instructors are always much happier when they’re also engaged in their teaching. We have to deliver theory content in some way, this virtual classroom would work well for either online or the flipped classroom, it’s not that far away.

This has been an interesting forum with lots of ideas for the future and unfortunately it also will be closing in 2 days.


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