Intellectual Standards

I had no idea what Intellectual Standards even meant. I have never heard the term used before. Here’s a great introductory video on Intellectual Standards. Intellectual Standards involves 9 standards- clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, significance and fairness. These guiding questions will help to remind me what to look for and how to communicate. I plan to keep it close by in the future.

intellectual standards

There were many great ideas and thoughts in this forum involving various ways to establish and use the Intellectual Standards and what can happen without using them. We can use these Intellectual Standards in so many ways, delivery of  instruction, providing feedback, drafting emails, etc. If they’re not used or at least taken into consideration, learners will lack the clarity or direction of what expectations are necessary, leading to confusion. This was a great forum and unfortunately it will be closing in 2 days.

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