What are the “gogies”

Well, the only “gogies” I was aware of before reading the forums was Andragogy and Pedagogy that we discussed in PIDP 3100. I had no idea that there were any others. I learned that there’s also Heutogogy, Peeragogy, Geragogy. Then, I added Cybergogy to the list of “gogies” in the forum.

Andragogy-“man-leading”- the learner is an adult, bringing experience with them

Pedagogy-“child-leading”- the learner has no prior experience, ready to be filled                                       with knowledge

Heutagogy– “self-learning”- the learner is self-directed. Is viewed as a progression                                       from Pedagogy to Andragogy.



Metagogy– to blend aspects of both Pedagogy and Andragogy to meet the needs of                                      adult learners

Peeragogy– peer-to-peer learning

Geragogy– term used for older adult learners

Cybergogy– learner-centered learning in a virtual environment

I’m looking forward to next week’s forums to continue on with learning more on the “gogies”.

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