Week 1-3250

Welcome to my very first blog post in my learning journey through PIDP 3250. My “learning window” was reopened a few years ago when I found new employment in a technically advanced dental office. It felt very uncomfortable in the beginning, but very rewarding along the way as I learned so much. I often remember this when instructing other adults, that sometimes that uncomfortable feeling is when learning happens. If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never know your capabilities and this blog has been a challenge!

This first week of the course has been a busy one. I registered sort of last minute and still had to order the textbook. Of course, the text didn’t arrive in time, so I appreciated the fact that I could read the first two chapters of Student Engagement Techniques online. I found these chapters to be very interesting and I’m looking forward to reading more chapters as the weeks fly by. I wrote my first reflective writing journal on “motivation is the portal to engagement”.

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